The wok values

The wok values include freshness of the ingredients, nutritious meal, that is quickly prepared, and on top of that is your own creation. You can create your own fresh meal, filled with ingredients you desire. You can feel every vitamin and mineral in your meal.


Healthy food


We know how important healthy food is. Healthy food is main source of our energy, energy that we consume, life energy, that enables us to do our every day tasks. With healthy way of eating we replace energy that our body consumes and additionaly we stimulate growth and development of our organisme. Regardless of the fact whether you enjoy meat in your meal, or maybe you are vegan or vegetarian, with meal prepared in healthy way you can include all neccesary ingredients for healthy development of your body. Meals prepared in our way certainly enables you to do so!


Healthy food preparation


With preparation of food in healthy way we presume all neccesary nutritions, like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamines and minerals. Most of the food is prepared in large food industry, that in process of preparation losses all of its nutritious values, our way is different! With carefully selected fresh ingredients and with the way of preparation of the wok meals, we maintain freshness and nutritions in every meal we create.




In 21. century we know many diseases, that are consequence of unhealthy and quick life we're living. We are unable to make healthy meal for ourselves due to lack of time. We know that we can avoid all those diseases on our own with consuming balanced meals. Basic rule of healthy eating is diversity, that is the key of our kitchen! Diversity is important factor for our metabolism. Lack of diversity in our meals can lead to harvesting of toxins in our body and long-term to development of different diseases of new age like diabeties, arthritis, osteoporosis and even some cancers. Therefor healthy and diversive food, prepared in healthy way with less oil is important for prevention and also treatment of different diseases.


Fruit, vegetables and different cereals


Basic rules of healthy eating include entry of different nutritions in our body, lots of fruit, vegetables and different cereals, and less salt and sugar. All that you can find in our meals! You are able to conbine flavours and ingredients, and therefor you create your own healthy, quickly prepared and affordable meal, despite lack of time.